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Are you wishing you could talk with a mom who actually homeschools to find out if it’s a good fit for you?  You’ve come to the right place. We are real moms with real kids that range in age from toddler to college.  We all started out like you, not knowing if we wanted to homeschool and full of hundreds of questions.  

Most moms considering homeschooling aren’t starting like we did with a few years to research and try out things.  You need answers today.  You may want to know ‘Can I actually teach my child to read?,’ ’Is it possible to homeschool teenagers?,’ and ‘How do I juggle so many different subjects?’ (alongside tons of other things).

We can answer these questions because we’ve actually done them, and we’re here to help you do them, too.

So, how did this get started?  

Our husbands run Compass Classroom, an company that produces homeschool curriculum.  We love their products and promote them when we can to our friends, but our days are very full teaching literature & math, running kids to ballet, theater practice, going on hikes, attending concerts and snuggling up with our kids for read-aloud.  

Our husbands interact a lot with homeschool moms and, for a few years, they have come home saying, “You guys really should start a podcast or blog, something to address all the questions we are hearing from moms out there.” 

Then COVID-19 hit and lots of our friends with kids in schools started asking questions.  

Some had brought work home this spring and it was really difficult.  Their kids were in front of screens all day indoors and stressed about their work.  No one wanted more Zoom classes and they told us they were dreading a fall semester full of uncertainty.

Some friends who had never considered homeschooling were surprised to find they loved having more time with their kids; they had an ‘a ha’ moment and realized they didn’t want to send their kids back to school in the fall.  

There were lots of other reasons, but all roads seemed to lead back to one destination: homeschooling.  We therefore started creating videos for those wanting to know more.  That led to a series of online seminars for those needing to go deeper.  Finally, we created some private Homeschool Groups to help guide people with specific needs.

In closing, we’re happy you’re here.  We are absolutely certain you can homeschool your children, and we want to help you do it any way we can.

– June, Christina, and Maggie

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