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Being faithful to what God commanded is the heart behind homeschooling. Here's the how and why behind being faithful through homeschooling.

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JUNE: I mean it’s interesting to start this conversation about what is Homeschooling, because you feel like the tip of the iceberg is, I mean barely scratched, and that you haven’t really given information that you know I sit here at the end of as we wrap up.

MAGGIE: I would say ultimately, like I think, I think Homeschooling is being faithful to what God commanded us to do with our children. I mean I really do, that’s the way I would describe it to people.

JUNE: Yeah.

MAGGIE: ‘Cause it’s walking with them faithfully and doing the hard things of being sanctified and learning alongside my children and

JUNE: Yeah.

MAGGIE: You know.

CHRISTINA: It’s sanctifying for the parent and child.

MAGGIE: That’s what I mean.

CHRISTINA: There have been so many times.

MAGGIE: I mean for me I feel like-

JUNE: Oh my word.

MAGGIE: The sanctification is serious and it’s, you know, it would be a lot easier to to not have to enter into that process, but-

JUNE: You talked about this so there is a cost, you know, you talked to some about there is a cost to deciding that you’re going to Homeschool and I think that it’s good to know a little bit about what that will look like. You know, if you are a Christian you know that the Christian life is flipped from the secular life. Like we’re not looking for what do I get from this, right. We’re not looking at we want to find a good deal, we’re living a life that’s sacrificial for someone else, and so if you decide to Homeschool it should bring you joy to find there are all these things I get to lay down on the alter here right. So my, and you don’t put down your interests, your kids want to cook with you, they want to be a part

MAGGIE: Right.

JUNE: of all the things that are important to mom,

MAGGIE: Right.

JUNE: but your time, the research, the planning that is something you lay down, and you do it joyfully and without complaining and everyone around you being like, “Oh yeah, mom has to do all this for us and we hear about it all the time.” You know. But yeah, talk for a minute about what you lay down and how to do that joyfully.

CHRISTINA: I think time, I think you just have to be, have realistic expectations that you are going to be with your children all day, and that’s not to say that you can’t work out babysitting, or some time off and rest. I think that is important, but you basically, this is your main job. It is learning yourself so you can teach your children, learning alongside them, working with them during the day.
I think creating an orderly home is important, but at the same time a Homeschooling home is really messy a lot of the time.

JUNE: Yes.

CHRISTINA: And you have to be okay with that, you know.

JUNE: Yeah.

CHRISTINA: That’s just something.

MAGGIE: And I, you know, there are a lot of times people will hear me say, you know where do your kids go to school, and you say well I Homeschool them, and they look at me and say, “Oh I could never do that.” I don’t ever feel comfortable, or rarely have felt comfortable, but I would love to say tell me why. Like I really want to know, so what are the reasons that you cause I bet I felt them too, you know. I mean that’s not a judgmental.

JUNE: Oh for sure.

MAGGIE: You know, I mean I don’t, I’m many days don’t feel equip, my patience is not great and back to that, you know the sanctification process when you chose to do this is going to focus some, it’s going to be pretty pointed.

JUNE: Yeah.

MAGGIE: You know?

JUNE: Yes.

MAGGIE: And so what’s driving that, what’s driving that statement, “Oh I could never do that.”

JUNE: Yes.

MAGGIE: So what is it that you’re holding dear? That you-

JUNE: Right.

MAGGIE: Don’t want to lay down, or what are the things that you don’t think the Lord can equip you for?

JUNE: Well.

MAGGIE: Because he will. I mean if you’re being, they talk about this a lot, again like in those first four pages it’s just very quick, why, why are you, you know, why should you even look at, at Homeschooling, and I love it ’cause it’s asking questions that you have to grapple with. It’s not necessarily just feeding you


MAGGIE: answers.

If this is what the Lord has said what is that going to look like?

JUNE: Yeah.

MAGGIE: And I think we all have to readdressing that and

JUNE: I think Rachel Jankovic and Sally Clarkson are two voices for me that the discipleship of your children, raising up Godly children who are ready to engage with culture, not just live on the outskirts, is essential. I mean our culture is hungry for that type of adult and okay, well so I’m going to educate them to do, to be something that I really wasn’t at, you know, I was very much like, oh I don’t want to have to make a definitive statement about anything, but that’s what the Lord’s asking me to do. He’s not just asking a few of us, that’s what he’s asking us to do.

MAGGIE: Right.

JUNE: And so how do you want me to do that Lord? And am I willing to trust you that all of my lack you will fill.

JUNE: I think both of those

MAGGIE: Well like you said. Rachel doesn’t Homeschool her kids, there’s another book I will try to bring it or talk to you about it another time, but it was given to me early, early on by just another mom. I mean I think I only had one baby and I’ve gone back to that book multiple times. She did not Homeschool her children, but it again back to that topic of like just what is our role as a mother, and I think that we live in a society that doesn’t necessarily value motherhood, or teach us necessarily how to be thoughtful about our motherhood. We just kind of do what the culture lays in front of us and a lot of times that includes sending your children to school, and so your home life is shaped around that, and so I think even for families who decide that sending their children to school is what is best for them, I still think that there is value in looking at some of this, well what is my role as a mother, and how to do I engage with my children?

JUNE: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

MAGGIE: In their before and after school hours in a way that is faithful to what the Lord has called them to do.

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