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With the right tools and mindset, these three homeschooling moms agree that anyone can educate their children.

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MAGGIE: You know, and I think a lot of parents are really concerned. They’re like, well, you know, that person went to school and got a degree to do this. And so they know all the right ways to do that. I think that anyone can educate their child. Anyone can educate their child.

JUNE: Yes.

MAGGIE: I think if you have certainly the right tools, you know, you are going to need someone to help you figure out how to teach math, you know, in terms of a curriculum. But really, I mean, how you’re viewing your child really comes into play with how you are going to approach your homeschooling. And so, you know, if you’re just looking at education, as being what we look at it as a culture, which is just, you started at five and you, you know, graduate at 18 and most of our, you know, demographic is going to college or, you know, that’s not what I’m aiming for for my children. I mean, I’m certainly hopeful that’s what comes out of it, but really what I’m aiming for is the heart of my child. And that as they are learning, as someone who is created in the image of God, that we’re looking at them as a whole person and not just whether they achieve that skill. And so now we can move on to the next skill.

JUNE: Yeah.

MAGGIE: I would say this to any mom, you’re really equipped to do that. Like better than a teacher, you are equipped to do that.

CHRISTINA: You know your child.

JUNE: Yes.


MAGGIE: So I also would say, just for whoever’s listening, there are so many homeschooling communities now. Many more than when we started.

JUNE: Right, yeah.

MAGGIE: And so I think the idea that you’re on your own is just not the typical case.

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